Vikings return to claim ownership

Day 2 - York It To Me

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Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. Found my way downstairs and had a huge breakfast in a cozy breakfast room.

Inger`s eyes were bulging as our waiter brought us the big plate - there were bangers and beans, bacon and eggs, mushroom and lettuce, toast and butter, honey, jam, marmalade, tea, orange juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, cranberry jucie and a whole new meaning to the words "break fast"! We had a long and tediuos day ahead, and cleared the plates. And the juice jars.

Then we hit the pavement. Our first trek took us through the park of St. Olave`s and we felt at home at once. Vikings about to lay claim to the ancient Jorvik. In the park we were accosted by six hundred squirrels, and of course our cameras were out. It`s our custom, you see, to meet the local squirrels wherever we go...

We footed the City Wall, trotted the streets and found ourselves viewing Clifford`s Castle on that strange hill, only to find we were early. Not to fret, next to the castle is a museum. The City of York Museum. Never have they seen a line of people waiting for opening hours. We were three.

A very interresting museum. We saw wedding prosessions, funeral prosessions, the eighteeneighties, the nineteensixties, toilets from six differet eras and a city street depicting Sherlock`s days.

In a tiny shop we met a beautiful Delilah who traded sweets and cakes. We were travelling light and had no room for big aquisitions, but we found it impossible to resist her sugar mice, and brought five of them home with us. And the local bobby did NOT arrest any of us, despite our very futuristic wardrobe. Maybe he`d seen similar people before.

Later we took siege of Clifford`s Castle and the National Rail Museum, the Jorvik Centre, the DIG and the Shambles.

The rail museum is just up my street, and lots of old engines to be geeked at. One thing that caught my attention, was the coffee bar six feet from the Rocket. Yes, the Robert Louis Stephenson invention. I asked the girl behind the counter what it was like to work next to the historic machine. She hadn`t given it a second thought. I told her if it hadn`t been for that yellow machine, there would have been no Football League, no murder on the Orient Express and no Ivor the Engine! She`d never heard of either!

Enjoying the Royal train carriages of different times and wondering how much one royal trainride had cost, we found the sum to be overwhelming. How often does the Queen use her train?

Shambles was full of the croocked houses we love so much, and as a market place it was quite appealing. Or appalling, take your pick! I really wanted to purchase that scale model of Paul McCartney`s bass guitar, but realized it would break in transit. Maybe through the internet?

Towards sundown we took part in a guided walk - searching for ghosts. A man with Jack the Ripper-appearances took us around York telling us about fearful events and scaresome stories and dreadful fates of young girls and elderly gentlemen. He took a liking to "INGI" and though he wasn`t able to pronounce her name, she became his assistant for the duration. Not knowing that Inger is used to handling corpses, mummies, skeletons and ghosts in her day job! And corpses a lot older than those of York, too!

We finished the day as we`d started it - with a meal. We found a place that looked to be from 1632, and ASKed for the upper tier. Having been led to a table on our preferred floor, we immediately regretted our request! We finished the business by ordering pizzas and ate quickly. We couldn`t complain, though - even though the nine other people in the room, obviously a stag party, kept noise to 747 levels, and I couldn`t even hear my mind deciding if I liked the pizza! And from the inside, the room semed not from 1632, but 2525! Oh well, you cant`have it all your way!

Inger spent the dying daylight drawing the view from our bedroom window, and followed it up next morning!

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A beautiful young lady selling "ancient candy" at York City Museum. We bought 5 Sugar Mice!

View of Clifford`s Castle from York City Museum...

The oldest steam engine as built by Robert Louis Stephenson.

An every day scene in York - a thousand years ago...

Making Coins.

The Guide checking my heart. He concluded I had none.

Guess who`s tired of walking the York City Wall.

"Bobbine" minding the Shambles - a street of very croocked houses....

Guess who managed to get arrested in York City Museum.

...and the opposite direction.

Selling tea and biscuits next to the legendary "Rocket". Without reflection.

This young beauty showed us how coins were made a thousand years ago.

The scariest guide I`ve ever met - was he Jack the Stripper?

Inger had to help him cut his wrist. And wipe the blood.

From the movie "A Bridge To Fart".

Inger`s idea of a Royal Travel... and it`s only a model...