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an old friend

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Route: Liverpool-Manchester-Oldham

When I woke up this morning... Sorry, but I didn`t wake up. I had not a wink of sleep, but the wife claimed she had. Well, the breakfast was good, as we half watched France vs. New Zealand on a big screen. Rugby Union, so they call it. Looks more like organized murder to me...

After breakfast we were off to the World Museum, which had been closed the previous evening. A look through the aquarium and the "development of settlement", I veered off to the left. A history of recorded music had to be good. And yes, we were able to see the tape recorder the very young Beatles had taped "That`ll Be The Day" on!. Worth the entrance fee on it`s own, that!

By this time my headache was numbing, and I sat in the foyer as the wife overlooked the rest of the museum. But I got a look at Ringo`s white "Pearl" drumkit, used in 2007.

Then we walked to Lime Street Station, which wasn`t closed after all... but we had to enter through a side entrance. - Two adult single tickets to Manchester, please. We had to make a decision where to get off once we got to Manchester. Deansgate? Oxford Road? The idea was to catch a Metro to Victoria. We needn`t have bothered, as no Metro went to Victoria that day! We chose Manchester Piccadilly. The Metro from Piccy to Vicky runs from the basement, and we worked our way through a series of escalators (is it called escalator when it runs downward?).

As time passed with no Metrotrain coming, we checked with other passengers: - No, they didn`t know why we were kept waiting. We checked the message board. Nothing. We gave up and went outside for a bus. I`d walked the distance earlier, and it`s nothing to worry about. But a lot of building has been done since then and I was unsure about directions. So the bus came, and took a zig-zag route through the city centre. Upon reaching Victoria, we found out why there were no Metrotrains beetween these stations. The rails were removed where they used to enter Victoria... We could have been told, don`t you think?

From Victoria we travelled to Oldham Werneth, where I was able to show the wife the pub I was "kidnapped" to years earlier, a pub that was pivotal on my first few visits to Oldham: The Westwood Inn. Of course, it`s a halal inn now! Then we walked to Oldham Gallery, where we were able to contact my friend Steve. He met us there, but what happened next is private, I hope you agree...

Except that he invited us to spend the night in his house, and that we had an enjoyable evening in Oldham... including a nice meal 50 yards inside Rochdale. A lot of photos from our evening together were lost in the stolen camera.

Sorry, but we didn`t find Catherine Zeta-Jones anywhere...

Stations en route:
Edge Hill - Mossley Hill - West Allerton
Liverpool South Parkway - Wavertree Technology Park
Hunts_Cross_railway_station - Halewood - Hough Green - Widnes
Sanky for Penketh - Warrington Central - Padgate_railway_station
Birchwood_railway_station - Glazebrook - Irlam - Flixton
Chassen Road - Urmston - Humphrey Park
Trafford Park - Manchester United Halt - Deansgate
Oxford Road - Piccadilly - Victoria_railway_station - Oldham Werneth

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Another view of a "wrapped in" Lime Street Station...

From outside the Liverpool Museum.

Typically museums: Everything`s broken.

The missus and a fly (the fly is on the left).

...and the only other surviving photo from Oldham...

... and one of Uncle George (not Harrison)...

The front of the museum.

This show was meant for me, I think.

Formerly the Westwood Inn at Featherstall Road...

The only proof we visited our friend Steve...