Hot in the sun

The Black Sea

One day the wife rang and said she`d had this offer for a trip to Bulgaria. She said she`d have to decide within hours, and there would be three of us going. Just to spite her, I said, yes I`ll join you...

By Asbjørn Nordem Karlberg
Fotos: Inger, Kristine and Asbjørn

She booked the trip for herself, me and Kristine. Without Kristine even hearing about it until two days before we were due off.

Bulgaria, you say? What we know about Bulgaria? Not a lot, but I figured we could learn something while we were there... And indeed we did.

We learnt that the place is hot. At least the southern part along the Black Sea, closing in on Turkey.

But here we go then:

Tilbake til hovedsiden

Get into the pool, girl! PHOTO: INGER

And then she found another museum. This time in Varna. PHOTO: ASBJØRN

Found a shade in Sozopol. PHOTO: INGER

Turning red in Sozopol, this time from the blinds. PHOTO: INGER

Narrow and meandering streets of Sozopol. PHOTO: INGER

Funny architecture in Nessebar. PHOTO: INGER

Some more funny architecture in Nessebar. PHOTO: INGER

Balcony connecting two houses. PHOTO: INGER

Byzantian ruins in Nessebar. Or were they a bit younger? PHOTO: INGER

That`s where the noize comes from, that keeps us awake at night. PHOTO: INGER

Nessebarian outhouse? PHOTO: INGER

Pooling it... some tanning and some reading. PHOTO: INGER

Eating in the sea? PHOTO: INGER

Another ancient ruin... PHOTO: INGER

...and we`re posing for album covers. PHOTO: INGER

Just using up the last piece of shadow. PHOTO: INGER

A restaurant in the green. PHOTO: INGER

Having walked round the entire Nessebar Island. PHOTO: INGER

Roman baths in Varna. PHOTO: INGER

More roman baths. PHOTO: INGER

View from Nessebar across the bay to Sunny Beach. PHOTO: INGER

Nessebar skyline. Old fortifications from the 1300`s. PHOTO: INGER

Wall decor in Nessebar`s Ice Cream Parlour. PHOTO: INGER

Nessebarian church. PHOTO: INGER

Downing a chilipepper and waiting for the reaction. PHOTO: INGER

Welcome at Uncle George`s in Nessebar. PHOTO: WAITER

To hot to walk in Varna, taking a train. PHOTO: INGER

From the train, the football stadium in the distance (Spartak Varna). PHOTO: INGER

Attacking another Ice Cream, while dad looks for the sugar explotion. PHOTO: INGER

Posing in front of the Dolphinium. PHOTO: INGER

Three mythic marble figures. PHOTO: ASBJØRN

Posing in front of communist statue and football stadium of Varna. PHOTO: INGER

Varna Marine Museum showing a submarine from 1913. PHOTO: INGER

Byzantian ruins in harbour of Varna. PHOTO: INGER

One of the first steam engines, complete with local guide. PHOTO: INGER

A selection of 4 cheeses, a real treat in Varna. PHOTO: INGER

Our residence as seen from the hillside coming back from Varna. PHOTO: INGER

Nice creations on the bed as we return. PHOTO: ASBJØRN

Digging into a right heap of Bolognese. PHOTO: ASBJØRN

Not digging this... Suddenly Kristine was attacked by this worm... PHOTO: INGER

Then the storm came to Nessebar. PHOTO: INGER

Keeping out of the sun as the wind sweeps the streets. PHOTO: INGER

Waiting for the coach to pick us up as we were leaving for home. PHOTO: INGER

View to the north. PHOTO: INGER

Neighbouring hotel not quite finished. PHOTO: INGER

Promenading on Sunny Beach. PHOTO: ASBJØRN

The restaurants take all kinds of shapes, motifs and themes. PHOTO: INGER

Waterwheel turning the barbecue... outdoors along the promenade. PHOTO: INGER

I test a strange restaurant seat as Marilyn does a paint job. PHOTO: INGER

Some were not hot enough, must play beach volley. PHOTO: INGER

Yawning after yet another restaurant chase - watch the strange looking pylons on the one in the background! PHOTO: INGER

Nachos at Mamacita`s, with lots of hot peppers. PHOTO: INGER

Mexican bathing parlour - is that Pacapotepetl I see in there? PHOTO: INGER

Another way of masoning, filling in a doorway. PHOTO: INGER

Another album cover? PHOTO: INGER

An ice cold coffee does the trick. PHOTO: INGER

Chilling on the bus to Nessebar - outside was boiling. PHOTO: INGER

City wall of Nessebar. PHOTO: INGER

Sightseeing in Nessebar - have we covered the whole island yet? PHOTO: INGER

Archaeological Museum of Nessebar. PHOTO: INGER

Not easy to read Cyrillig museum tags. PHOTO: INGER

Church turned art gallery.

The photographer in action... PHOTO: INGER

...and posing. PHOTO: INGER

Trekking through Nessebar waiting for the storm. PHOTO: ASBJØRN

You can even get cannabis in Nessebar. PHOTO: INGER

Table cloth ll you desire. PHOTO: INGER

Old time toys - do you remember any of these? PHOTO: INGER

Strange architecture and parking habits. PHOTO: ASBJØRN

Nessebar Monastry. PHOTO: INGER

Get away, you`re blocking my view... PHOTO: INGER

Drumming for your life. PHOTO: INGER

The paraders parade by.

A one two, she`s got a Ticket to Ri-hide. PHOTO: INGER

The paraders parading away. PHOTO: INGER

Tzipura sounds like a dangerous meal. PHOTO: INGER

Shark sounds like a yucky meal. PHOTO: ASBJØRN

The waiter removing bones from the tzipura. PHOTO: INGER

Tea and biscuits in the hotel bar. PHOTO: INGER

Oh shit, we have people from Mjøndalen here... PHOTO: INGER

This bus stop was boiling... PHOTO: INGER

This beach was also boiling: INGER

And the gulash was boiling too.

Dramatic entrance of the meat on spear. PHOTO: ASBJØRN

Behatted visitors in sunny hot country. PHOTO: INGER

Wonder why these were everywhere. PHOTO: INGER

Chairs shaped like tits, asses and giraffes... PHOTO: INGER

Get into the pool, girl! PHOTO: INGER

Cooling it by a fountain along a shopping mall... PHOTO: INGER to the gekkos. PHOTO: INGER

This little piggy ent to market - and were roasted. PHOTO: INGER

Swedish guide Ewa in the St. George`s Monastry. PHOTO: INGER

One of the eight million cats in town. PHOTO: INGER

Preparing to walk The Walk in Sunny Beach. PHOTO: KRISTINE

House of Horror. PHOTO: KRISTINE

No, we managed to avoid MacDonald`s in Bulgaria. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Painting upside down.

Beachcombing in Sonnenstrand. PHOTO: KRISTINE

What they use for seating in restaurants. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Another piece of furniture. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Getting around in doublebikes. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Tired of the sun already? PHOTO: KRISTINE

All British bar 24/7. PHOTO: KRISTINE

View of our pool. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Match viewing tonight... Norwegian football on giant screens. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Cozy in Nessebar. PHOTO: KRISTINE

The Gates to Nessebar. PHOTO: KRISTINE

The Archaeologist found an Archeologium.... PHOTO: KRISTINE

...while others found the Ice Bar in Nessebar next door. PHOTO: KRISTINE

The fish I had for supper (Tzipura). PHOTO: KRISTINE

What are they looking at. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Scandinavian cuisine. But why can`t they ever get the Norwegian flag right? PHOTO: KRISTINE

The Archaeologist found another ancient ruin. PHOTO: KRISTINE

While the Photographist found another Camera Museum. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Have we happened upon an uproar in town? PHOTO: KRISTINE

No, just a parade... maybe a wedding? PHOTO: KRISTINE

Something between your teeth? PHOTO: KRISTINE

Drumming is my dream. PHOTO: KRISTINE

The Bride`s father and ugly stepmother. PHOTO: KRISTINE

The Happy Bride and her (equally happy?) Groom. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Away to be Archebushed?. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Sunny Beach as seen from Nessebar. PHOTO: KRISTINE

A golden ball hangs over Nessebar. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Oh, I accidentally ruined my wife`s Coke. PHOTO: KRISTINE

This piglet met it`s destiny in a watermill grill. PHOTO: KRISTINE

A cozy ride through Sunny Beach, perchance? PHOTO: KRISTINE

Kristine had a dogfight with this ice cream creation. PHOTO: ASBJØRN

A monk preparing for his prayer. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Drinking the healing water in the Monastery. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Ewa the Guide learns that St. George`s Monastery was built to ease life for the lepers. PHOTO: KRISTINE

A sip of the Holy Sipura. PHOTO: KRISTINE

The Tzipura is made. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Attending a baby`s Christening. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Lobsters triyng not to be chosen for our supper... PHOTO: KRISTINE

Hungarian obituaries appear on lampposts. PHOTO: KRISTINE

A piece of the fortification has fallen out. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Kegs of brew yeasting on the garden wall. PHOTO: KRISTINE

He played the wrong tune; Mona Lisa wlked by the Mediterranean Sea, not the Black Sea. PHOTO: KRISTINE

This cat had both eyes removed - open gaping eye sockets glowing in the sun. PHOTO: KRISTINE

The hat`s wet frm sweat - where can I get a new one???. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Angry candles - or what can these strange things be... PHOTO: KRISTINE

Is this a fossill?. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Lovers they are in Nessebar. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Bathing on a rough beach. (Do you call this a beach?). PHOTO: KRISTINE

What an ugly creature... PHOTO: KRISTINE

Bading Nymph on Wall in front of Sunny Beach. PHOTO: KRISTINE

What curious looking rocks. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Suddenly we are in Mexico. I kept looking for Speedy Gonzales. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Haven`t you often had the urge to... PHOTO: KRISTINE

And now he has to feed her... PHOTO: KRISTINE

Town Hall in Nessebar. PHOTO: KRISTINE

No connection. Or no coin. Whatever! PHOTO: KRISTINE

Gallery formerly priory.

Olympic balancing act. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Uncle George, the Nessebarian in-thrower. PHOTO: KRISTINE

A garden fence made of motorbikes... (NO kidding!) PHOTO: KRISTINE

Is this a Pobeda?. PHOTO: KRISTINE

No this is a Pobeda. PHOTO: KRISTINE

This is a car crash (in Varna). PHOTO: KRISTINE

Varna still runs a trolleybus system. PHOTO: KRISTINE


Under my umbrella? PHOTO: KRISTINE

Bathing on Sunny Beach. PHOTO: KRISTINE


Tired of the sun, you bet!

A Golden Goddess in Varna. PHOTO: KRISTINE

Entering the jungle at Ropotamo river. PHOTO: INGER

Going for a Ropotamo river cruise. PHOTO: ASBJØRN

Showing an interrest in snakes. PHOTO: ASBJØRN

Do you see any snakes from the other boat? PHOTO: ASBJØRN

There`s one snake - or probably not. PHOTO: ASBJØRN

Sit down when in a boat! PHOTO: ASBJØRN

Ropotamo Jungle River Safari. PHOTO: KRISTINE

A tortoise trying to get out of our way. PHOTO: KRISTINE

A yellow snake. PHOTO: ASBJØRN