Cheap air travel makes for a gallopping railroad hopalong!

Day 1 - Torp to York

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When you want to make the most of your 7 day riot, sorry - trip - to a country you love, what kind of plans do you make? Book rooms across the country and hope to make it there on the chosen day? Not me. I go to the place of my choice and try to find a room. On this occacion, it worked a treat!

The missus and I entered a time capsule/aircraft in local airport Torp near Sandefjord and set off on our long awaited road trip to a faraway country called England.

The plan was to visit Aidensfield on Paul McCartney`s birthday. Why? It`s a secret.

We landed at John Lennon Airport on a Monday afternoon, a first for both of us. Since Lennon was honoured with his own personal airport, I have long waited to make use of it. Now we`re waiting for an airport in honour of Paul, George, Ringo, Stu, Pete, Astrid, Mal, Neil, the lot.

On this occacion we had to give Liverpool a miss, so after passing passport controll we had a subway semilunch and boarded a coach headed for Manchester Piccadilly. We wanted to come as close to Aidensfield as possible on our first day. We had no idea how far it would be or how long it would take us.

Manchester Piccadilly had changed a bit since my last visit, but I managed to find the track leading to Middlesbrough. And pay for two tickets to York.

Reaching York and exiting the railway station, I realized I`d been there before - 13 years previously. And I wondered how many features had changed in the town. Certainly the Toy Museum, which wasn`t there anymore. But there were lots and lots to see. First priority though, was to leave the rucksacks somewhere - and that meant finding a room. Next to the St. Olave`s Church down Marygate we found a hotel with the most appropriate name for two vikings on the rampage: The Jorvik Hotel. A nice little room where only the TV set let us down, owing to the crows and pigeons on the antenna outside.

A stroll round the town set us in contact with the local squirrel tribe - a most recurring feature on our road trips. Additionally, we found a narrow street, Shambles, where no buildings had a 90 degree angle to spare. Eerie again!

Looking for a meal, we entered the most haunted place in England - the Golden Fleece. The table was not exactly level - which caused our drinks to slide into our laps if the glasses were wet. We managed to eat and drink without such spillage! A nice English meal, not for the first time, and certainly not the last.

We decided to stay another night in this cozy town, and notified our Slovak receptionist Vladia.

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Stations en-route:
Manchester Piccadilly
Cross Gates
East Garforth
Church Fenton

Our first use of the former Speke Airport...

A Subway semi lunch in a bus shelter at Lennon`s airport...

Looking for a B&B down Dame Judy Dench Walk...

Then we found John Terry`s bridal shop in York.

Ordering our meal in the most haunted of all houses on these isles.

A nice little hotel in walking distance. The next episode of "Heartbeat" saw police fighting crooks in the street in front of it!

...where the wife immideately entered a competition to win a Mini Cooper!

The landscapes takes shape as we close in on York...

...and a couple of other streets...

Moon over York.

Lunching at the scariest house in England - The Golden Fleece. If the glasses were wet, they came sliding into your lap!

What a pitturesque view from our hotel window.